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Re: PUT "failed" on Server 2012

Response sent by email:

It turns out that the problem was on the CoreFTP Server side. I call a script upon upload that was in the wrong directory. Since the script wasn't found, the server failed the PUT operation, which WinSCP reported correctly. When I fixed the script path, it worked again.

Re: PUT "failed" on Server 2012

Please attach a full session log file from both systems (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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PUT "failed" on Server 2012

I tried to post with log attachment, but it didn't stick.

I have a Powershell script (5.0) using WinSCP assembly. The server is CoreFTP. A PUT works on Windows 7 32-bit, but fails on Server 2012 64-bit. Oddly, the small file gets put correctly (size, content), but then the return code is bad and CoreFTP's follow up execution does not happen. So the file is there but it reports as failed.

Any idea what it could be? Or how I could narrow it down? The WinSCP session log reports the input file as not existing, even though it clearly exists and the data gets transferred.

Wolfgang G. Propfe