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Re: Can't use OpenSSH to open a session

Did you really try what the documentation suggests?

On 64-bit systems, 32-bit applications (like WinSCP) run with partially virtualized file system.

In particular, they see SysWOW64 as System32 and System32 as Sysnative (while the Sysnative is hidden, you cannot really see it, but you can access the files in it).

So I believe that, what the documentation says, is correct, at least on 64-bit systems. Though I think that WSL is actually available for 64-bit systems only.

If you believe otherwise, you have to give us more information.

Can't use OpenSSH to open a session


I followed (sort of) the post about integration of OpenSSH in WinSCP.
First, it looks like %WINDIR%\Sysnative doesn't exists anymore, bash.exe is now located in %WINDIR%\System32.
Then, calling %WINDIR%\System32\bash.exe doesn't work since WinSCP can't find the executable (which is in this directory).
I tried several workarounds (using .bat file for example) but, still, finally WinSCP can't find the EXEs needed to run OpenSSH.