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Re: Partial satisfaction

That's not really a WinSCP question. But if you post a complete verbose session log files from both WinSCP and the "other" FTP client, we can take a look.

Partial satisfaction

Thanks, that seems to obvious and too easy! But it makes me wonder why no other FTP Client that I've tried can make the connection except WinSCP.

Am I using FTP or SFTP?

I realized after a year or so of logging into my FTP site using WinSCP with the credentials SFTP specifying port 22, that any other FTP program I tried could not access my account as I can using WinSCP. I was told because it was not a secure connection, so how do we find out since we can't talk to our Host without going through an awful chat session? (I know, I can't wait to get moved, I'm still scouting around)