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Re: File focus

Wow! That is great! Thanks Martin. Sorry I didn't see it myself!

All the best!

File focus

I hope more users agree with me for this feature to change if possible. Right now as you browse local or remote folders, pressing an arrow to find a file, each located file is "marked" with a light border which may pass unnoticed. Especially if you happen to have selected a file, your selection is (as it should) marked with a darker background that attracts attention, yet with the side effect that moving along with the arrow to locate some other file, is even more easily unnoticed!

My suggestion is that WinSCP should follow exactly the way we are used to in browsing and selecting files with Windows Explorer, nothing more or less than that. Not only because this is how we use to browse files anyway, but also because Explorer established a way that works, it is simple and convenient.

Kindest regards to the author.