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Hi, I just checked this with version 5.13 and this bug is still present. Are you planing to do something with this? It's not a high priority bug, but still a bug when looking at it from user perspective.

Re: Can't exit from deleted directory

Thanks for your report.
Well, WinSCP does what the SFTP standard mandates it should do. And it has this unfortunate side effect.
We will consider implementing some kind of a fallback.
WinSCP definitely does not refresh the current directory, when going to the parent folder.

Can't exit from deleted directory

Steps to reproduce (tested this only on ssh connection):
1. Create some directory on server and enter it in WinSCP, for example

2. Remove that directory on server by some other method (I use Kitty, a fork of Putty)
3. Now in WinSCP try going to parent directory, you will receive an error
Cannot get real path for '/abc/..'.

No such file or directory.
Error code: 2
Error message from server: No such file

It's probably related to my other bug report, I suspect that going to parent directory forces WinSCP to refresh current directory (which is a really stupid thing to do...)