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Synchronize files with todays date

I am brand new to winscp and I am trying to only download files that are created today, just like tomorrow I would only want to download files created tomorrow only . Essentially I log into the remote server with my script and download all the files right now with sync local, What I want to do is just sync local and only downloads the files created today.Right now I just added the fileMask and I am still getting all of the files however I only want todays files. I want to apply that filemask condition to sync local or something since I only want todays files.

option batch abort

option confirm off
open s -passphrase="passphrase" -hostkey="key"
  get /path/* -filemask=*>1D
 synchronize local C:\Users\localdrive\Desktop\test2   /Home/remoteFolder/

I just added get /Home/remoteFolder/ -filemask=*>1D and it hasn't changed anything . . Any suggestions would be great. As stated I only want to download files created today and am using the newest version of winscp.