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I know it's supposed to be created as part of the build step. This is a problem because I was generating it as an embedded resource, and this is no longer supported. I do not want a copy of WinSCP in my project folder; I want to generate it at runtime. I will continue to use 5.11.3 until this is resolved or a workaround is proposed.

Re: NuGet package 5.13.0 doesn't include WinSCP.exe

It does include it. It's just no longer shown in the VS Solution Explorer.

NuGet package 5.13.0 doesn't include WinSCP.exe

I updated my NuGet package from 5.11.3 to 5.13.0, and it erased WinSCP.exe from my project. I have several projects using the NuGet package, and this happened on all my projects the same.