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Re: CheckVersion fails sometimes

I do not see any solution to this. The version information come straight from FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo. The method should throw an exception on any problem. What it does not, instead it returns empty results. All I can do is to repeat the call, if the problem is interim. But that you can do yourself.

CheckVersion fails sometimes

Hi Guys,
I have the following problem:
I' m sending every minute files via ftp to our server. I' m using the net api. For a few hours the transfer ist working, but sometimes the transfer stopps with the following message:

>Exception: WinSCP.SessionLocalException: The version of C:\Programme_Gehr\Gehr_Dispo_Sp\winscp.exe () does not match version of this assembly C:\Programme_Gehr\Gehr_Dispo_Sp\WinSCPnet.DLL (<
After this happened I have to restart my Application.

It seems that the function can not get the version of winscp.exe.

Does anybody know where my problem is?

Log is attached.