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Re: Escape characters in FTP login and pass

If the ' are not a part of username and password, they should not be present in the URL in the first place. WinSCP cannot solve that for you anyhow. Sorry. Make sure the URLs you get are in a correct format.

Escape characters in FTP login and pass

Hey guys,

I work every day with FTP, and here is how I log.

I have FTP addresses in such format ftp://'USER':'PASSWORD'@SERVER user and password are escaped with ' - character
So when I copy entire ftp string and paste it in login dialog at Winscp, it won`t login due to user or password incorrect, the thing is, I must remove every time ' - character from user and password, that is taking some time. Is there any workaround, to copy and paste fast ftp url address with ' - chars and get in on first try?