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Sorry, you just keep repeating the same vague phrases. What do you mean by "copy the files to Filezilla" to "download" them? It does not make any sense to me.

The external server where the files are located has a lot of issues, in addition to the files being large . It typically takes about 9 hours to download all the files (Thousands) and it takes the same amount of time with sftp for C# . The biggest issue is that the download stops at random times and we have to manually start the process again .When I copy the files to Filezilla and process (Download) them there it takes only about 6 minutes . We manuall

What does it mean "for processing"? How does FileZilla processes them? I assume it does upload them, right? So why don't you upload them by the script?

I meant the Filezilla client . For instance I can copy files from my remote server and then I paste them on my Filezilla client for processing . I was wondering if a winscp script an automate that process of copying those files and just transferring them to filezilla client .

Re: How can I copy files from external server and transfer them to Filezilla

What does it mean "put them in Filezilla"? Do you mean FileZilla client or FileZilla server?

How can I copy files from external server and transfer them to Filezilla

I am new to WinScp and I have a script that gets files from an external server and processes them and then puts them into my local drive . What I would like to do now is copy those files to my Filezilla by using a winScp script right now this is what I have

option batch abort

option confirm off
open address -passphrase="phrase" -hostkey="key"
 get -filemask="TimeStamp" Remote-Directory Local-Directory


That code there processes the files and stores them in my local directory. What I want to do now is instead of processing them I want to copy the files and put them in Filezilla . The external server that the files are in have a lot of issues so copying would be a better way .