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Re: Can /KeepUpToDate output time stamps for logging

martin wrote:

You can enable XML (or session) logging to get the timestamps.

Great many thanks for this! I will also get the log to have the date in it of when it was created using "!D-!M-!Y" and then limit that to only producing 7 days worth using "<count>*" however the log is extremely packed when all I wanted to see was:

2018-04-03 09:15:57.602 Local file '<LocalDirectoryPath>\<File>.<ext>' is new
2018-04-03 09:15:57.665 226 Successfully transferred "/<Directory>/<File>.<ext>" I could easily, visually compare just the transferred files that get created.

Would I be able to produce just that with the /loglevel=0 or equivalent? (I used on test /loglevel=0)

Many thanks

Can /KeepUpToDate output time stamps for logging


I've scheduled /KeepUpToDate to work on our server and I have it outputting to a text file via a batch file (i.e. A Windows Scheduled Task calling a Batch file, that calls " /script=example.txt" >> Log.txt) the transfers are outputted in to the text file but unfortunately there is no way to get a time of when some files were created or deleted. Is it possible to get the console to output date/time with it's transfers so I can output it to a log file please?