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Re: Adding Move Command within WinSCP

OK, thanks for your suggestion. Will consider that.

Though you can implement any logging you want in your PowerShell script.
Dave Russell

Adding Move Command within WinSCP

Although you have shown a bacth file to add the move function after a successful upload, it would be really great for WinSCP to support this natively that would provide better logging and management of the process including archiving/zipping.
There are many cases where an Admin person needs to troubleshoot an application issue associated with the SFTP process and sometimes needs to reprocess one of the previously uploaded files.
An easy way of doing this is to move files from the "Upload" Directory to the "Uploaded" Directory after successfully uploading the file via SFTP. The -Move command would complement the -delete command.
I wonder if the -delete command could also be used to purge files in the Uploaded Directory say older than 30 days. This would help provide better file management features within WinSCP.
Your product is truly great and its all about keeping it truly great!