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I assume you mean SFTP, not FTP.
If your SFTP session has a different root than a shell session, the "Open Terminal" feature cannot work.
As documented:
Also, for the feature to work, the shell must use the same path syntax as the SFTP server.

Consider using Open Session in PuTTY instead.

Anyway, I do not see a point of chrooting (restricting) SFTP session, is shell session is unrestricted. So another solution is to align both kinds of access.

actualy no. it should be "cd ~/applications"

but even if i do this comand in the terminal it dosn't work. There must be some error in the definition of the root-directory. If I go all the way up in the normal ftp-browser i'm in my users home directory (~) and see the "applications" folder.
If i start the terminal there, it works without errors, but i'm in the root-directory and see the folders like bin, home and etc.

Re: Error using Terminal

Can you do cd "/applications" in a separate SSH client?

Error using Terminal

i cant get the terminal to work.
When i click on "open terminal" I get the "Open separate shell session" promt

When I click on OK, it tries to conntect an i get the following error:

Error changing directory to "/application"
Command 'cd "/applications"'
failed with return code 1 and error message
/bin/bash: line 5: cd: /applications: No such file or directory.

And when i enter any command (even e simple "ls") i get the same error.

what am i doing wrong?