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It's the "overwrite confirmation" dialog that I'm thinking of. Perhaps I'm thinking of other applications, offering "overwrite only if new/newer".
There's a dropdown on the "Yes" choice, so I suspect there may be choices in there.
Unfortunately, SFTP to my website host is currently denied, so I cannot experiment.

File transfers without prompts

I'm trying to find how to setup file transfers so that only new and newer files transfer without a prompt, and everything else anything else gets the prompt.
I setup WinSCP many years ago, and a couple of things have happened since:
1. I've lost most of my skills to age-related memory loss
2. My Windows (10) had a forced refresh, losing my WinSCP settings…
I've looked through the settings/preferences but haven't found a timestamp-related choice (but I'll probably find as soon as I've posted this, as usually happens)
I don't want to completely suppress the prompts (upload/download), just to protect me from overwriting a newer version (which admittedly is nearly always the same, or newer on the local system)