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WinSCP .NET assembly uses FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo(exePath).ProductVersion to check the version.
If you do the same before calling the assembly, what does it return?

The file version of winscp.exe in that directory

Re: Version does not match version of this assembly

Does the file C:\Dev\VisualStudio\OHR_3CX\OHR_3CX_Tests\bin\Release\winscp.exe exists? Does it match winscp.exe of WinSCP 5.13.1?

Version does not match version of this assembly


Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find an answer - I have recently upgraded my C# app to use the latest version of winscp via upgrade in nuget. (5.13.1)

Since upgrading when I run my tests I get the following exception:
WinSCP.SessionLocalException: The version of C:\Dev\VisualStudio\OHR_3CX\OHR_3CX_Tests\bin\Release\winscp.exe () does not match version of this assembly C:\Dev\VisualStudio\OHR_3CX\OHR_3CX_Tests\bin\Release\WinSCPnet.DLL (

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I've done a complete rebuild on the project. I've downgraded the version using nuget and still no joy.

Can you offer any suggestions of anything else to try or let me know if I'm being stupid - really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance