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Re: Displays incorrect dates from IBM i

Doesn't your server support an SFTP? With SFTP, you won't have these kind of problems.

Displays incorrect dates from IBM i

WinSCP version 5.11.3 (build 7995)
Windows 10

Issue: When the last changed date on an object has a day of the month that is less than 12 then it transposes the date from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy. (screenshot attached)

From session log (screenshot attached) it shows the date is being retrieved correctly. In New Zealand so use dd/mm/yyyy as default date. Windows set correctly to NZ settings and dates display correctly elsewhere.

I assume this is some US format glitch ... but it would be much beter to display the dates correctly.

We do not use synchronising of the folders so unsure if the date showing incorrectly would trigger a resynch when it is actually in synch?

I have perused the bug fix/enhancements of all the latest releases and this item does not

Pls add this to the faults and fix,