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Re: Mixed workspace view request

It's so easy... Okay, big thanks!

Re: Mixed workspace view request

I'm not sure I understand. It seems like you have a View mode set to List. You can change it to Details to see the same set of information as in Commander interface.

Mixed workspace view request

Folders tree at left, table with files on server at right – is what I mean.

Now we can view only like in explorer:
1. Files only with names without any other data.
1.1 Names are cutted, to view full filename you're need to put cursor over icon.
1.2 You're don't able to sorting files by any properties (like last change date, size, etc).
2. File icons use lots of space (compare with strings in commander view).

And like in commander:
1. I don't need local catalogs but I can't turn it off and it use at least 17% of workspace.
2. Folder tree position is horizontal, so it takes more space than the horizontal version:
3. Files area position is horizontal too, so it takes more space than the horizontal version:

Mixed view mode would correct all of these defects.