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Navigate to path in single quotes

A bit of background on my situation:
I am trying to write a script via PowerShell to check daily for new files at multiple addresses and pull any new files. I initially did this manually; but due to many complications involving the hosts we are downloading from (frequent disconnections, file-transfer issues), this has become a very time-consuming task that I think should be automated and, after much research, thought that WinSCP via PowerShell may do well at solving this issue.

Here's the issue:
The customer we are pulling these files from is using single quotes in the paths of some of their servers. While I can see their other folders, I'm unable to get into the folders with single quotes. When I try using Test-WinSCPPath, I always get False and when I try Get-WinSCPChildItem, I get a message saying there was an error while enumerating through a collection and that the directory listing could not be retrieved. I'm using the exact path that I see in the WinSCP GUI and have tried various methods of providing the path, including using escape characters, but with no luck.
Is there a way to script this to get into the folders? I'd really appreciate your help! :)