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Re: Using CD to point to MyDocuments/??

So what do you get when you try
lcd "C:\Users\Mine\Documents\ABC Company\FileOutput" ?


The issue that I'm experiencing is that the files I want to upload are stored in the My Documents folder and it does not appear that I can access that folder from BAT files or from WinSCP? Anyone have a trick to fix this?

I was thinking of writing a batch file that would copy these files from the raw location to a more suitable location for WinSCP. But it appears I'm thwarted at all angles here.


Using CD to point to MyDocuments/??

I have files created by another application that stores PHP files into a custom folder within My Documents. These custom folders include spaces.

Example, C:\Users\Mine\Documents\ABC Company\FileOutput\

When I try to use the CD command in the scripting language, it fails to find/access this folder. Is there a trick to accomplishing this?