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Re: Version 5.13.2 (build 8455)

If you want to help us solving your problems, we need way more detailed instructions. Some screenshots and log files would help.


If you do not want to help us, please go grumbling somewhere else.

Version 5.13.2 (build 8455)

SO the latest bugs are:

1. Comparing Directories so you can see what has changes and upload only those that have? Works one time, click on one of the highlighted files, drag it to the server /upload it, then all the highlighted files go back to being NON HIGHLIGHTED... best part is that when you do another compare???? Yeah,,, doesn't find ANY of the 455 files that were left that were changed that it initially found but now doesn't.

2. Syncing changed only files? Yeah, that doesn't work anymore either in this latest version, I do a sync to remote, it compares, then shows me all the files that are checked and that are different to upload? The only problem is that there are only five changed files but the program wants to update 30g of images which NON have changed or any relationship or any programming reference to any of them?

All this worked fine in the last version,,, not this version... Sorry if I seem a little chapped... But I don't have a choice but to have to use this typical free open source volunteer, unpaid testers, coders, to produce wasted time for me because the host provider I use only uses this ftp program because its more secure than Microsoft Expression Web FTP function. Which is another lie.... Let me say this... as old as Expression Web is, the FTP program works flawlessly, its a program that you have to pay for. you pay for all the proper testing and updates and all those goodies... but here I am with tons of manual work, or hainvgo to use yet another free/paid jacked up ftp program becuaes its the typical Linux/Apache/unix freee free free software nobody wants to pay for test right or load up with viruses.... Does anyone ever wonder why Microsoft and Apple make money? they may not be perfect but then again,,, here we are with this... an ftp program that cant do a simple compare for modified files..... Yeah OK.... BTW, I reverted back to the prior version and it works fine... Might want to let everyone know ahead of time the percentages of how good your updates are prior to loading.... I would say less than 10% tested... and to stay behind two versions...

again sorry for my poor attitude, I am disappointed with being forced to use substandard free, /paid, pretend support, non tested, public domain, freeware, mommy look at me I can program software that has issues for its main objectives.... WOW...glad Ive been in the industry for 20+ years,,,I have only wasted thousands of hours instead of a whole lifetime on this version...