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Use a scheduled script to check every few minutes

1. Write a script using to copy the files, perhaps deleting the original file from the sensor box.
2. Schedule the script to run every few minutes

Automatically transfer files w/WinSCP

I would like to find a way to automatically transfer files from a virtual file source to my local computer using WinSCP.

Version: 5.13.2
OS: Windows 10
Transfer protocol: SSH
GUI: Commander

To provide some context, I am reading data information from a MultiTech Conduit sensor that is collecting temperate, pressure, and light data every 5 minutes. Each update sends a CSV file of this information into a directory within my sensor box. Using WinSCP, I can transfer this information to my local computer so I can store and organize the data. I would like to automatically transfer the files from my sensor box to my computer with each update.

I have not found any helpful resources that would help me do this automatic transfer. I am request help so I that I can set up a system that automatically transfers files from my MultiTech Conduit box to my computer every time an update is made to a CSV file in my MultiTech Conduit box.