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Re: Sync option

You did not explain why it is "taking around 10 mins" to complete and why and how do you think you would even be able to improve that.

Sync option

Due to some network restrictions, We need to transfer files between 2 networks.
In the past we used Shared folders between these 2 networks but now we cant use it anymore. We have people from one network placing files on a shared folder (network a) and Im trying to sync this folder with my remote host (SFTP host) and then from this SFTP host I want to download on the other network PCs (network B). The script I did is working, but is taking around 10 mins to download the files from the shared drive to the PCs on the other network. The idea is to have this as soon as the file is placed on the shared drive. Can you please guide on how to do this? Im not sure even on when to use keepfolderuptodate vs sync. Here is my script:
My .cmd scheduled on the windows task scheduler at system startup:
@echo off
"C:\Program Files\WinSCP\" /ini=nul /script="D:\Folder\folder1\Folder2\full_remote_to_local_synchronization.txt"
timeout /t 10
goto loop
full_local_to_remote_synchronization (Shared drive to SFTP host)
option batch continue
option confirm off
open JumpBox
synchronize remote -delete -criteria=time D:\Folder\Folder1 /RemoteHostFolder
full_remote_to_local_synchronization.txt (From SFTP host to remote PCs on NetB)
option batch continue
option confirm off
open NetA-NetB
synchronize local -delete D:\Folder\Folder1 /RemoteHostFolder

Any help will be appreciated.