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Thanks Martin, I had no idea that's how the MIME type was determined :-)

It appears that nothing was specified in the registry for .js files:

After adding a "Content Type" value it now works as expected!

Thanks again!

Re: S3 javascript file metadata set incorrect

I have MIME type text/plain configured for .js files:


"Content Type"="text/plain"

And WinSCP correctly uses that for S3.

Check, what's your settings.

S3 javascript file metadata set incorrect


I was attempting to use WinSCP to send some files to S3 storage and noticed that the content-type for my *.js files was set to
instead of the expected
(which is how Amazon's S3 web interface treats *.js files).

Is this possibly a limitation in the MIME Type API that WinSCP is using? (

I noticed a related fix here: which is what lead me to find that API page.

I would be happy to offer more details or do some testing if this is indeed an issue within WinSCP.