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much appreciated

Re: Batch file remaning help (hopefully a quick and easy question)

Select the files in filepanel, go to Files > Move To. In the "Move" dialog, change the *.* to ?????.*.

Test it on a single file first, before you proceed with all files.

Batch file remaning help (hopefully a quick and easy question)

Basically l need to rename like 50 files which are too long for me to download, doing it one at a time will be a pain in the butt..

basically lm looking to shorten the file names rather than completely rename.. essentially all the files in question have a unique 5 character alphanumeric code proceeding the rest of the the main file name eg "SW845-filename.ext" what lm hoping to achieve is manipulation of the filename which will allow me to change my example in such a way that it looks like this "SW845.ext" as due to the unique 5 characters allow me to still access the files via their reference numbers, and renaming them in such a way also allows me to download them to my system (at present this is an issue due to the fact some have extremely long file names).

knowing the syntax to achieve this would be helpful for both my current issue and seeing as its likely l will need to do the same thing again come in useful for future reference, that is unless there is an option to automatically truncate files to a more manageable length that will achieve the same thing.

any help would be appreciated.