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Re: File deleted from server when internet connection lost

I'm afraid that there's no (easy) way to recover the file. Next time, do not close WinSCP and the editor, until the file is safely uploaded.

File deleted from server when internet connection lost

Hey everybody!
So I was editing a php file remotely in VS Code. Everytime I save in the editor, WinSCP uploads the file to the server. Last night I lost internet connection right in the middle of upload and now my file is gone. The program deleted it from the server, but didn't upload the new one. I tried restarting to reupload, but upon restart, it deleted the temporary folder. Now I don't have the file anywhere. It is not in the temporary folder (I assume the default temporary folder is C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Local\Temp and I looked there), and WinSCP didn't put it in the recycle bin either. Is there any way I could get my file back?