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Re: thanks! but not quite completing it

On the "Options" dialog, when clicking "OK: button, hold down Ctrl+Shift keys. WinSCP will not execute the extension, but only copy it's command to a clipboard.
See also
Then go to Windows command-line (cmd.exe) and paste the command there. That will allow you to see the error message. Please post it here.

thanks! but not quite completing it

Thanks for pointing me to Batch Rename...

I can get as far seeing in a shell window what it's going to change my filesnames to, and it looks fine, but when I hit "y" for winscp to proceed, it instead generates an error and closes the shell window before I can read what the error is. I'm on a windows 7 enterprise machine, 64 bit, WINSCP 5.13.2, Sftp login, port 22. Appreciate your help on this. kate

renaming files not working right (using FILES --> MOVE TO...)

Trying to follow instructions at: but must not be understanding it right.

I'm trying to add a prefix AA- in front of existing filenames on a remote server, so to change number of files like:

1740.txt to AA-1740.txt

so I do FILES --> MOVE TO... --> /AA-*.txt

and that gets me

1740.txt changed to AA-0.txt

I also tried this:

FILES --> MOVE TO... --> /AA-????.txt

same result, 1740.txt changed to AA-0.txt

thanks for any advice.