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Re: Improve reconnect when multiple session are open at same server

Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider it.

Improve reconnect when multiple session are open at same server

Dear WinSCP developer(s),
I like WinSCP very much and I am using it nearly every day - thanks for this great tool!
As I am quite often using multiple sessions at the same SFTP server (keeping an eye on different folders), I am facing the following little issue:
whenever the server is restarted, only one session is automatically reconnecting, the other sessions will only start the reconnection countdown when I click on the session tab.
Moreover, even after the active session has successfully reconnected, switching to another tab will just start the reconnect countdown.
It would be a great improvement if WinSCP could keep track of all sessions in parallel, even for the sessions which are not currently selected. As soon as one session could be successfully reconnected, all other sessions connected to the same server should be reconnected as well immediately.
Best regards