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Re: donation peroblems vi PayPal

Thanks for your feedback. I'll consider this.

donation peroblems vi PayPal

martin wrote:

Once PayPal considers my country to be worth to support...

Hallo Martin,
I do not have a PayPal account, and do not want to create one. I did donate sometimes in the past, because I like your engagement, and I respect + want to honour your legitimate wish for financing. Once upon time I did posses an US credit card, too, but this is no longer available. (At that time PayPal accepted US credit cards, but no cards outside US, without opening a PayPal account.) Now I realized that you forced PayPal (? PayPal agreed ?) to accept European credit cards as well, acting barely as a money transfer service provider. This is the good news, but the bad news is, that their legal language would want me to agree to too far reaching permissions for using my personal data, by cleverly mixing the necessity to submit my credit card data to my my bank with their canny wish to have no restriction at all. They refused to process the transaction without having checked their ridiculous checkbox.

You may want to communicate to them the wish of the masses - hmmm, at one single "consumer" of yours [me :-)] -, to add an additional checkbox, which restricts my consent only to those data transmission, that is required for processing that single transaction. And nothing more. No saving personal data for the future, blablabla, etc.

Or, alternatively, consider displaying the possibility for using the services of other providers as well. Or, à la PayPal, if the IP is from the EU, display the data required for a bank money transfer order, being the latter now a quite simple matter within the EU. For companies in the EU your receipt of the donation would even make life simpler for them regarding tax deduction. For tax authorities, a "Receipt of donation for binaries of basically GPL'd software" might play the same role as a plain invoice for sold/licensed software.

You do not need to answer if you don't want. Please tag this message such a way that others should be able to easily find it.

Keep up the good work,
best regards,