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Re: FTPS password from login modal truncated at 100 chars.

Yes, indeed, on Login dialog, password box is limited to 100 characters.

FTPS password from login modal truncated at 100 chars.

I have noticed that when trying to connect to a ftps server (Ftp with TLS/SSL Implicit encryption), that when setting the username and password in the GUI through the login modal window,
the login fails and WinSCP requests again the password.
Typing the same password one more time results in a successful login.
DISCLAIMER: It's a very long password (470 characters).

If I leave the password field empty in the login modal and type it later when it's requested, the login works flawlessly.

From the logs, I get the sense that the password actually gets truncated when written in the login modal (at 100 chars if each * from the logs reproduced below represent a char), by comparing the two PASS commands call logs:
Failing > PASS ****************************************************************************************************
Working > PASS **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

This issue was active when using WinSCP 5.13.3 (Build 8565).
I suspect other protocols might suffer from it, but got lazy to try.

Kind regards.