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well i ghess that i have to be aware of the following circumstances / behavior and - system requirements:

my SFTP server requires Public key authentication in addition to the password. The old WinSCP-system had the key saved, either in a file (a flat one ) or in the system's SSH agent. This type of key is not saved in winSCP.ino but elsewhere. I have to re obtain the file - and then i can go on.

well what d o you think
btw: i have had the same issues on the filezilla side. The cool devs and maintainer over there have helped me alot.
see the link:

the cool-Filezilla - guys did a great job


well after a closer look at the ini-configuration file i noticed that the necessary files that the protcocoll is complaiing not only so called log files but also such ones as


this means that i have to take care for key files or such.

what do you say?

Error code: 2 - Error message from server: No such file

hello dear all.

after moving the config-files from one Notebook to another Notebook i have gotten an error_

system Error: error 2
Error code: 2 - Error message from server: No such file

Während des Protokollierens ist ein Fehler aufgetreten.
Das Protokollieren wurde abgeschaltet.
Kann Protokolldatei "c\users\myold-notebook\...nicht öffnen.
system Error: error 2


during the protocoll an error occurred: the protocol-process was interrupted and switched off
cannot open the Protocolfile "c\users\myold-notebook\...

the system cannot find the reffered file.

well i guess that i have missed something. If i look at the paths in the winSCP - there lots of path are included
but - i guess that this would not help if i correct them all.

[Configuration\History\PuttyPath] 0=
[Configuration\Interface\Explorer] ToolbarsLayout=

i guess that a simple correction ofthe paths would not help...

what do i muss - what do i need to do