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Re: Duplicate via local temporary copy bug

Thanks for your report!

Duplicate via local temporary copy bug

• Version 5.13.3
• Windows 10 1803 64-bit
• File protocol SFTP
• Using GUI, commander view.
• I had a folder on a remote server (probably Unix/Linux) containing 2 files, among others: and I selected everything in this folder, right clicked, and hit Duplicate to copy it to another location on the same server. I selected Duplicate Via Local Temporary Copy because it has issues if I don't. It appears to download all the files to the temporary location and then reupload everything to the new place on the server. But did not copy to the new location, but did. This must be because Windows filenames are not case sensitive and so that would only appear as one file. Probably, one of them copied first and then the other one overwrote it. This could be problematic, however, since I could have just assumed that everything would copy over.
Thanks and God bless! I've used WinSCP for a year and a half and I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work!