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Re: Bug report: text missing in dir listing,

Thanks for your feedback. We will consider it.

Bug report: text missing in dir listing,


Here's a quick bug report, not a plea for help. No idea if it's new at all, I simply just noticed it now.

- WinSCP latest provided by the upgrade notifier, installed onto the OS (not portable, not windows store), v. (well, according to a right click > properties on the .exe)
- Interface: commander
- Languages: french locale, but bug witnessed in both French and English versions
- OS: win10 home.

Bug: missing "files" text, apparently. Or to spell it another way, I think it ought to say something, be it "files", "items", "things", of sorts.
It says "0 B of 33 MB in 0 of 7", for instance. Instead of "0 B of 33 MB in 0 of 7 files".
See the attached screenshots.

I reckon stuff like the . or .. or hardlinks or symlinks aren't files per se, but for the hell of it, adding "files" to the end of the listing summary would still make more sense, in my eyes.

Hope it didn't bother, have a good day!