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Re: Installation reporting

No, there's no way to prevent that.
Why does your system consider the installation failed? Does it monitor internet access, or what?
Cornwall apps deploy

Installation reporting

Hi Martin. I am deploying WinSCP 5.13.3 via SCCM to locked down users in a restricted environment. The installation is triggered via SCCM Software Centre on the users' machine. The installation runs, but part of the installation process is to report back to your site. This causes the WinSCP to show as a failed installation in Software Centre even though the software installs and functions. None of our installation processes has access to the internet during install. The problem is that, if the software needs to be uninstalled for any reason, it cannot take place via the SCCM Software Centre as the Failed button is present instead of Uninstall. Is there a command line switch or process that can prevent or delay the reporting back process to after the installation has completed to solve this? Possibly switching to register on first run or use?