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Sorry for the delay. I installed your app in another user laptop I couldn't access until today.
Log file is kind of huge since your answer: 3.8 Gb
How do you recommend to manage log files? Something like Linux rotation.
Backups are doing okay.
Your app is very useful; definitely I am going do donate to support it.

Re: Script execution takes to long

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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Script execution takes to long

I am doing a "cron job" to make a backup from some Win 10 folders to a local Linux SFTP server.
First, I selected the folders, right click, PUT (pop-up with options), created some masks to not to upload files like *.mp? , generate script, copy to clipboard and finally OK to upload everything the first time (around 200MB, 3300 files). It took a few minutes.
Then I created a basic task scheduler following your web page steps.
I edited some schedule and other properties after finished the task to execute it each 10 minutes after login, execute even if no AC connected...
At the end, from the Task Scheduler panel I clicked on "Execute" and the task turned from Idle to In Action (My system is in another language so maybe English translations are not accurate).

As said, first time transfer was 3300 files, 200MB but next transfers are no more than 3 files (less than 1MB total) each 10 minutes.

My question is why each backup takes so long. Task Scheduler displays my task In Action (Executing, whatever) for more than 7 minutes (I didn't keep seeing it until it finished)
Does it take a long time to compare dates/sizes of the rest of the files?

Thank you