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I got it figured out, thanks.
I'v been running in NC mode, and the right-click delete option only comes up in the lower right panel.
So after too much time messing with it, I finally thought to highlight my root file in the upper right and delete using the bottom panel.
Seems elementary, but with the hours I've been working lately, I'm not thinking too clearly these days.
Thanks for your trouble.

Novice wrote:

I simply can't use the right-click option {or any other I've found} on any master folder {upper right panel}.

Does it mean that you cannot use the "delete" function for whatever reason or that if you use it nothing happen? Can post a log file?

Sorry for the vagueness.
Ok. I use WinSCP in Norton Commander mode {if that makes any difference}. I uploaded a file to my server {to root} which I later decided I didn't need. So, naturally, I decided to delete it.
I have been unable to delete the master folder of that file {seen in the upper right panel of NC mode}, merely delete the contents {the lower right}. I got no error. I simply can't use the right-click option {or any other I've found} on any master folder {upper right panel}. You see the problem: if I can't simply delete something as miniscule as empty folders, my files will be littered with pointless clutter in no time.
I'm hoping I've been a little clearer. I'm hoping even more that you have a solution for me. I've been through the documentation and done everything I know to do, but I seem to have missed something.
Hope you can help.

Re: Empty Folder...

Do it mean, that when you instruct WinSCP to delete the directory, it does something, but the directory is still present. No error message? sorry, but your problem description is quite vague.

Empty Folder...

Sorry, but any and all deletion methods that I have been able to find out about simply empty the master folder in the root file.
I'd like to get rid of the empty folders.
Can you help me?

No dice...

Thanks for the suggestion. But I still couldn't find anything that cleared it up.
It' probably a simple solution, but I can't find it.
The standard deletion methods still leave an empty folder in the root. {upper right panel of Norton Commander mode}
But I need to be rid of the "emptys" to proceed.
If you could help me out at all, that would be great.

Re: Delete root file...

Would documentation help?

Delete root file...

I uploaded a file to my server w/WinSCP that I no longer needed. How would I go about deleting it from root?