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Yep, getting the latest release solved it.
Sorry to bother you.

Re: Unknown switch 'resumesupport' error from cmd script

The only correct answer is: Use the latest version of WinSCP.

Btw, the FAQ says: Some specific switches (such as -resumesupport, -filemask, -rawsettings, etc.) were introduced even later.

Unknown switch 'resumesupport' error from cmd script

Hi i get the following error when trying to upload a file

This is the full script:
option batch continue

option confirm off
open sftp://username:password@url -hostkey=theKey
option transfer binary
cd .
lcd c:\randomDirectory
put file.csv -resumesupport=off

I just found out the resumesupport option was introduced in 4.1 beta ( but another user said it's available on 5.2 beta only.

Can you please tell me where this switch is available? I'm using version 5.1.3 (build 2881)
Can someone please help?