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OK, we will consider that.

Thanks, that option was hidden in the default profile.

And please consider doing the % transfer percentages showing also the real transferred and remaining data (kb, mb, gb). And maybe time left estimations with a graphic bar.

[QUEUE] Show size and option to disable size reading

1. How it works now: When queuing files, winscp first reads all the files and calculates the full size, then starts the transfer.

2. Problem: When transferring tens of thousands of small files (like pictures), it takes more time to calculate the queue size than transferring it.

3. Solution: Option to disable FULL size calculation before transfer. (Maybe just do it for the current directory being transferred)

4. Extra: Since there is a size calculation, please show that size number for the full queue, and also number of files / estimated time remaining. (and maybe a graphic bar below the % number field)