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Re: Call EXE from .SCP Script

Sorry, I do not understand.
There's no shell command in WinSCP scripting.
Where's no script debugger for WinSCP scripting.

Call EXE from .SCP Script

First, forgive me if this is posted in documentation somewhere. I have searched for hours to find an answer to this issue. If it is posted, if you can point me in the right direction, I would very appreciative.

We are using .scp script, called by, to send/receive files. We have an outside command line .exe that completely automates our archive process of said files. We are calling the .exe with its arguments inside the .scp script as follows:

shell C:\archiver\archiver.exe [arg1] [arg2]

When using Script Debugger, the entire .scp runs without issue as we step through it line by line, including the archiving. When we have the script run normally as scheduled, the .exe is never called and the archive is skipped. Everything else completes as designed.

Any thoughts?