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WOW! That was really fast!
Thank you!

Re: Filename column width

This request has been added to the tracker:

I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

This is what I'd like to accomplish (the window below is just a simulation, of course):

Filename column width

I'm new to the forums, so please, let me know in case I'm posting to the wrong section.

I'm using the command line tool for uploading my software documentation (html, mht, pdf and zip files). It turns out that the filenames of my docs are wider than those 25 characters the WinScp window allocates for the filename column. As a result, the filenames are being truncated after the 25th char.

Is there any option or workaround to bypass that 25-char width limit?
The DOS window itself can be easily made wider to accomodate the final width, so it wouldn't be a problem.

Thanks in advance.
Paulo França Lacerda
(BlaisePoint Informática)