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Oh were spot on, thank you for your time, Jan

Re: Weird missing overwrite confirmation

SCP protocol is special (and obsolete). With it, WinSCP indeed does not show overwrite confirmations for uploads to a folder different than the current one. I assume that you use another protocol (SFTP?) for your other server. Consider using SFTP for all servers, instead of SCP.

Weird missing overwrite confirmation


I searched forum but not found answer. I have WinSCP 5.13.4 and I like it and use it for long time, thank you for your work and time. Sometimes I have a strange issue of missing overwrite confirmation, it happened with older versions too but since today I accidentally overwritten precious file, its time to bother you with the problem:

* In Environment, Confirmations - all three checked
* In Transfer, Background, Transfer on background - unchecked, No confirmations for background transfer - unchecked
* I use Explorer interface

On some (SCP) servers the confirmation is not shown when I drag & drop local file from Windows Explorer to WinSCP left tree folder when the destination folder in not the current folder (shown on right side). It happens on all folders on that particular server. On another server it works as expected.

I have no idea what that could be. Will you help me?

Kind regards, Jan