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Re: get with files in a list

Just repeat the get command as many time as you need: /command "open ..." "get users/revision/file1.pdf \daten\" "get users/revision/file2.pdf \daten\" "get users/revision/file3.pdf \daten\" ...

If the folders are the same always, you can even use a single get command like: /command "open ..." "cd users/revision" "get file1.pdf file2.pdf file3.pdf ... \daten\" ...


get with files in a list

in a program I check what files I need to download onto my computer. Now I have a do while what calls winscp with the new file name. But it takes long to open and close the connection. /command "open s " "get users/revision/file1.pdf \daten\
The file names change with each program call. Is it possible to store the file names in a separate file list like file.txt and call winscp including the filelist.txt somehow to download all filenames included in the file file.txt?