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Re: Rename files uploaded with filemask

A wildcard (actually an operation mask) cannot be used to remove a leading part of a filename.

Actually you cannot even add a leading part using an operation mask. So I wonder are you actually uploading the files in the first place. Show us your script.

Rename files uploaded with filemask

Hello Martin,
I've got a problem renamimg files in the remote directory.
My batch-script first puts files with *.xml to a remote directory with a . (dot) at the beginning. The put-command is using filemask *.xml.
For example:
put local file: 1811161000.xml remote file: .811161000.xml

Now I need to rename it back to the original name, means mv .811161000.xml to 1811161000.xml
How can it be done using wildcards ?
Thanks and regards,