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Sorry I bothered you. After long excessive reading and rereading, I found a page somewhere on here that said that .NET WinSCP library had no access to the GUI configurations. I also found this article

I wrote a for loop and went through each host verifying and pressing Y. I now have an XML and a code sample to load these keys into my project.

\ini= in .NET (Saved keys)?

Hi, Martin.

The last couple weeks I wrote some batch scripts that winscp to automate some things. Doing so I learned the there was a parameter for ini, which would load in saved SSH keys from either the registry or a specified .ini file.

I am writing a program in C# using the .NET .DLL to handle SFTP now. I am not seeing where I set the ini file property (if there is one).

Is there a way, or should I manually read from the registry to import the keys?

We are deploying this to our employees and we do not want them to have access to accepting unknown host keys, nor do we want them connecting to unknown host keys.

the Batch COM script was great because I was able to import the registry keys to computers and them WinSCP would find and use them.