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Re: Webp Problem?

I do not think that this question has anything to do with WinSCP.

Webp Problem?

I have an index page I use for testing right now. On it, I have:

    - a base64 webp image
    - an referenced webp image
    - and a referenced png image.

<img src="data:image/webp;base64,..." alt="">

<img src="/banner.webp" alt="">
<img src="/banner.png" alt="">

The referenced webp only shows for a split second, then it disappears. This occurs on EVERY browser. I messaged my hosting provider about it, and they said that it's due to the site building tool I used. I uploaded the webp image with WinSCP. What might be causing this strange behavior?

A 1 minute video that demonstrtes the problem:
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