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I confirm it works, thanks for help.

Re: Different date for the same file

WinSCP fails to autodetect timezone difference of the server due to some unusual behavior of the server. Turn off the autodetection by adding this to the open command:

"open ftp://***/ -rawsettings TimeDifferenceAuto=0"

Different date for the same file


I've a script downloading files older than 1 day, using the filemask *>=1D, but for some reason this script stopped working with no files being downloaded.

After log analysis I see that for a same file, depending on if I do the get command on the folder or subfolder date in file listing is different.

For example :

With command get -filemask=*>1D /vehicles/EQ-158-YJ/* "C:\RTDFILES"

In the log year is 2017 :
2018-11-30 11:10:05.486 F__EQ-158-YJ____1811301102.V1B;-;96886;2017-11-30T10:02:00.000Z;1;"NOBODY" [0];"NOBODY" [0];r--r--r--;0

But with command get -filemask=*>1D /vehicles/* "C:\RTDFILES"
In the log for the same file year is 2018

2018-11-30 11:11:43.878 F__EQ-158-YJ____1811301102.V1B;-;96886;2018-11-30T10:02:00.000Z;1;"NOBODY" [0];"NOBODY" [0];r--r--r--;0

Good date is of course 2018,

Thanks in advance for any explanation, find 2 complete logfiles attached.

WinSCP Version 5.13.5 (Build 8967) (OS 10.0.17134 - Windows 10 Enterprise)