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Re: I can't find a newer one.

OK, then you are using Windows XP, right? Windows XP does not support buttons with drop down menu, nor it does have special font style for a main message text.

I can't find a newer one.

Version 5.13.4 (Build 8731)

I keep updating it each time it says there's a new version.

EDIT. I'm sorry, I was mistaken, I have now upgraded to Version 5.13.5 (Build 8967)
but on checking the overwrite warning, it still looks like my previous one and not at all like the one you linked to. It may be because I'm not running windows 11.

Anyhow, I think if nothing else, I've been educated as to which button does what. Keep up the good work.

OK, but this is a screenshots from some ancient version of WinSCP (at least 5 years old).
I recent versions, the overwrite confirmation box looks like this:

Thanks for the reply Martin, but I think my 'larger font and distinct colour', has got lost in the post. (See attached screenshot).
But I take your point, if you ignore the text in the center of the box and just read the first line, the buttons make more sense. I was reading the 'Choose' line, and it was that that I found confusing.

Re: overwrite

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll think about it.

Though note that there's only single question on the box (and emphasized with a larger font and a distinct color): "Overwrite local/remote file ...?"

The Yes/No buttons refer to that question.


When you go to upload a file with a file name that conflicts with one already there, a box pops up and says
"Overwrite remote file ''."

followed by,
"Destination directory already contains file ''."

and then,
"Choose, if you want to overwrite the file or skip this transfer and keep existing file."

Then a row of buttons marked,
"Yes", "No", "Cancel", "Yes to All", "No to All", Append", "New name", "Newer only", "Help"

Nowhere is there a "Skip" button or a "Carry on" button, or any indication of what "Yes" is agreeing to, overwriting or skipping. Can there be an "Overwrite" and a "Skip" button?
I find that "Yes" is just too ambiguous given the question. The question could be rephrased to match the current buttons or the buttons could be retitled to match the question, the current situation is just confusing and not at all intuitive.

I've used WinSCP for a few years now and I still have to stop and figure out which is the correct button to press.