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I was using the Norton Commander interface.
I used to keyboard shortcut for copy.
Yes, there were subdirectories in the directory I tried to transfer.

Re: problems copying directories from remote machine

I'm sorry, but I were not able to reproduce your problem. I need more info:
  • Which interface are you using (NortonCommander/Explorer)?
  • How did you transfer your files (drag&drop, keyboard shortcut...)?
  • Are there any subdirectories in directory you try to transfer?
  • Log file can be useful.

problems copying directories from remote machine

I tried to copy some directories from a server to my desktop and I get an error.
As an example if I were to try and copy the directory DOCS from the remote machine to my desktop I would get an error like this. Cannot create folder c:\DOCS\DOCS\DOCS\DOCS.....\DOCS :evil:
Now, there isn't a directory in DOCS named DOCS so it keeps on trying to create directories within directories within directories all with the same name as the original directory that I tried to copy.