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Again, you were correct. It was on my end... My update works as it should
thank you
bruce phillips

12/11/2018 09.53.03
You are correct I cannot post through another client... IT appears to be on my end.. thank you for your quick responce.. I will investigate from my end.
bruce n phillips

Re: Version 5.13.5 download and installed will no longer connect

Can you post the exact error message? "server rejected" is rather vague.
What version were you using before?
Can you connect with any other client using the same protocol?
Did you try to contact the server administrator?

Version 5.13.5 download and installed will no longer connect

12/10/2018 11.49.25
downloaded above version and useing my existing information I can no longer connect to server.
I get a "server rejected" dialog. also "listens" for ftp connection but still does not connect.
It did work before download. Unfortunately I did not do a restore point.
system win 10 Pc "Lenovo Laptop"
Any help would be appreciated