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Thanks. If it ever happens again, please contact me so I can send you a debug version to trace the problem.

Even I had the same problem today and we some luck got it resolved. Here is what I did...
0. Took backup of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Martin Prikryl\WinSCP 2
1. Opened WinScp Login page.
2. Clicked on Tools...
3. From the floating menu, Clean up...
4. Check everything except "Stored Sessions". I kept in unchecked since I had many stored sessions and didn't want to lose the list and I was sure the problem could not be because of stored sessions since all the WinSCP sessions ( to any host ) were hanging for me.
5. click Ok

No message came. It is sort of a strange since I was expecting something say "Cleanup over..". Anyway, I closed WinScp and reopened and now I was able to connect to all servers without any issue at all.
So, in nutshell, Tools...Cleanup....option came to rescue.

I observed that after cleanup, Configuration folder was gone. Later when I restarted WinSCP it came back. So, the intelligent software rebuilded the configuration folder in the registry.


Re: Me too


Me too

I was using WINSCP with no problems for a month.
Now I have the same problem again and again.
When I uninstall and reinstall it works again... but the problem returns randomly.
Is there a solution?


Yes it is the config file, I will send the broken one to you.

Re: WinSCP hanging minimized win2k

Would it help if you remove your configuration (registry and INI file)? Backup it first. If it helps, please send the backed up configuration to me.

WinSCP hanging minimized win2k

I'm having a strange problem where when I start up winSCP I select a server and sinscp connect but then the application hangs minimized.

I fixed it once by full ininstallation and reinstallation and at that point I change to .ini config. However it's come back. I will try and investigate further to see if I can find why it's happening.