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Re: Possibility to connect with Google Drive

This request has been added to the tracker:
You can vote for it there.

Re: Great app

OK, thanks for your suggestions :)

Great app

Guys great app you have there!!!
End since you add the black theme is even better, but I still wait a google drive integration. This will get the app even better.
Also if it is possible to add the possibility to have not only local and remote panels but also the same remote panels (easier move or copy - the command should run remotely) or two remote panels for an easier data synchronization.
If it is possible other nice features should be:
- web interface - to run remotely the app on a server by accessing a web page;
- a way to add a cloud storage to backup and share host file (winScp.ini) - in chase you are working on different computers;
- To ad a Browse button on a send to window for a easier point of a destination location on a server (window name "Upload WinScp")
- extend dark theme also on the "Preferences" window and other pop-up windows.
Keep up with the good work.
Best regards,
An intensive user :-),


You might know Cyberduck provides this possibility, but I mention it anyway.
There is also CarotDAV, from a Japanese developper, that supports the Google Drive service.

Re: Possibility to connect with Google Drive

Will take a look. Thanks for your suggestion.

Possibility to connect with Google Drive

I found a somehow similar request in the FAR plugin topic, but that's not what I'd specifically like to see in WinSCP.
Basicly, besides the current available protocols, it would be nice to be able to connect with Google Drive.
Is that possible to implement?

Given the scripting possibilities of WinSCP, I'd like to create a batch script that creates a backup of some folder, and uploads it to Google Drive.